Sunday, November 2, 2014

California - Family Vacation

We took a trip to California to visit friends and family.  We had a wonderful trip.

First we went to San Fran and Sacramento to visit high school friends of Allie's.  Teri and Brandon have a new baby Emmie that we got to meet.
Sara first view of the ocean
 Sara's first crab at Fisherman's Warf

  Allie and Baby Emmie
 Allie, Sara and Emmie
 Flying Sara with Ellis and Brent

Then we headed down to southern California to visit Allie's Family and then Ellis Family for his cousins wedding. 

Pictures from Ojai with the Schryvers

Sara riding with Cora
  Sara was never clean on this trip
 Sara at the beach.  We tried to bury her in the sand to slow her from going back into the water so she could warm up. 
 watching the waves
 Sara wouldn't keep out of the water and didn't feel she needed adult supervision.
 Sara and Ellis at the Schryver's.  She wouldn't hold still long enough for the picture
  Love at first sight.  Sara loved the horses and was so gentle with them
 Sara feed the chickens each morning.  She loved them
 Sara with Carol 

Then we headed to Santa Barbara to meet Ellis family and for his cousin Matt's wedding.

Sara enjoyed the hot tub
 The wedding was on halloween and Sara attended as a peacock
 Allie and Ellis at the wedding
 Sara dancing with Anut Madeline.  She loved the wedding and dancing

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